How Does This Work?

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Step 1: Nice To Meet You!

Get Acquainted
With Your Advisor

Tell us a bit about yourself, your family, and your goals.

Determine Your
Financial Goals

Tell us about your financial goals and any specific areas you'd like to address.

Discuss How
We Can Help

We'll walk you through our services to determine how we can best help you achieve your financial goals.

Step 2: Here's What We Need From You

Next, we will gather all the financial information we need from you in order to develop a custom financial plan.
We will provide you with a financial planning workbook to begin this process together.

Step 3: Sit Back and Relax While We Develop Your Custom Financial Plan


Now that we have all the information we need, our expert advisors can get to work building an integrated wealth strategy just for you.


We'll crunch some numbers, put your portfolio together and reach out to you if we need anything further from you in the meantime.


We'll build a custom plan specifically designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Step 4: Presentation of Your Plan

Once your plan is complete we'll present it to you, walking you through each component to make sure you have a clear understanding of our strategy. This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback and ask us any questions you have so we can make sure the strategy we've designed suits all of your financial needs.

Step 5: Implementation of Your Plan

After we complete the planning process and design your investment asset allocation, we will assist you in opening new accounts and transferring existing investments to Brightworth so we can manage them for you. As we identify action items through the planning process, we will proactively manage these items for you to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.  This includes coordinating with your other advisors, such as your CPA, insurance agent, and attorney.

Step 6: Going Forward

Welcome to the Brightworth Community!


We will meet with you regularly to update your financial plan, monitor and track your financial goals, and review your investment portfolio. 


Of course, you can call us at any time to speak with your advisor about specific questions, concerns, or changes to your situation you'd like to discuss. This is what we like to call the Brightworth Difference. Whether you need financial consultation or just want to run an idea by an expert in the field, your advisor is always available to you.


We'll keep you up-to-date with our Brightworth events, quarterly market commentary, and additional communications, giving you insights and perspectives on your finances.